Five Ways To Stay In Shape At University

Self-care is more important than ever.


When you think of university ‘healthy lifestyle’ is definitely not the first phrase that springs to mind. Or the second, or the third…

In fact it’s quite the opposite. When most of us think of university we probably think of takeaway boxes piled high and empty beer bottles scattered around the kitchen.

At the end of the day, uni is going to have an impact on your lifestyle, there’s no two ways about it. That being said, this is all about balance and putting that into action is advisable now more than ever.

We’ve pulled together a few simple ways to keep yourself as healthy as possible during your studies.


Join a sports team or society

Aside from being a great way to meet new people, getting involved with a society is an ideal way to keep healthy, both mentally and physically.

This could be the perfect chance to try something new – and who knows, you might even enjoy it.


Meal prep for the week ahead

It’s easy to slip into the dreaded takeaway rut, we’re all guilty of it at some point.

However not only is it terrible for your wellbeing, it puts a huge dent in your wallet too. Buying some basic ingredients at the start of the week and cooking in batch, things like pasta bake or chilli, can be a great way to get the nutrition you need while saving some much needed pennies.


Stick to a sleeping pattern

We cannot stress this enough. We all underestimate how important sleep actually is for our mind and body.

This is the time when your body should be repairing itself, if you consistently deprive it of that, it’s going to have a knock-on effect on your energy levels and in turn, your general health.

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Ditch the taxis

Just because it’s easy, doesn’t mean you should.

Get your dose of Vitamin D by opting to walk or cycle to lectures. Hopping on a Brompton hire bike is a healthier, cheaper and traffic-avoiding alternative to taxi journeys and a great way to see more of your new city.


Avoid beer when possible

We’re under no illusion, we know that drinking will play some part in most people’s time at university. However drinking in excess can be detrimental to both physical and mental health.

An average pint of lager contains nearly 200 calories, so think about switching it out for something lighter when you do drink, like a gin and diet mixer.

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