Fortnite’s ‘Durr Burger’ Appeared In Real-Life After Vanishing From The Game

What are they planning?

As Fortnite approaches its one year anniversary we can firmly assume that the game has been a hit since its release. 

The title’s developers, Epic Games have been raking it in thanks to the millions playing the game every month. In February it was reported that the game had 3.4 million concurrent players – a figure that’s estimated to have drastically risen over the last few months.

Marvel wanted to get in on the action too, giving Fortnite players a chance to play as Thanos for a period upon the release of Avengers: Infinity War. Even Drake jumped on the hype, helping popular streamer, Ninja, break all kinds of Twitch records.

Now there’s rumours that Epic could be planning something special for the first year anniversary of the game, after a photographer spotted the mascot for a fast-food restaurant in the game, in real life, in a California desert.

Durr Burger, could be seen vanishing through a rift in the game a few days ago – only we didn’t expect it to crop up right here in the real world.

It didn’t stop there either, things began to get weird…

The bizarre appearance has got people debating what Fornite could have in the works, suggesting some kind of real-life event.

Clearly the developers are up to something and given the monumental popularity of the game, it’s going to go down well whatever it is.

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