Game Of Thrones Fans Are Still Convinced The White Walkers Will Be Back

Is this the twist you’re looking for?


Despite there only being one episode to go, it hasn’t stopped Game of Thrones fans speculating that the White Walkers could still have a big part to play.

Despite being defeated in the Battle of Winterfell, an interesting theory details how despite Arya plunging her dagger into the Night King, things may not be as clear-cut as we all assumed.

This potential plot centres on the sons of Craster – who we saw being left as a sacrifice to the Night King in the earlier seasons. This came to a head when Sam and Gilly escaped Caster’s Keep with Gilly’s baby before the White Walker could take him.

The full theory gets rather complex – but here are the highlights from the reasoning that emerged on Reddit.

“As we know, GRRM’s writing is often influenced by the works of famous historical writers, as well as history itself. When I was reading about Gilly, I came to understand that her name originates from the real-life plant known as gilliflower/gillyflower,”


“Gilliflower is mentioned in Shakespeare’s ‘A Winter’s Tale’, in which they are cross-fertilized by humans, rather than by Nature: I have heard it said/There is an art which in their piedness shares/With great creating Nature … I’ll not put/The dibble in earth to set one slip of them’.”

It concludes: “I’m almost certain that this is a subtle clue that might strengthen a suggestion that Gilly and Little Sam have White Walker blood in their veins. It also made me wonder whether the NK came to Bran/3ER at Winterfell not to kill him, but to take ownership of his property – namely Little Sam.”

It’s an interesting concept, especially given the cryptic comments recently made by David Benioff and DB Weiss surrounding the true fate of the Walkers.

Another surprising twist for the final episode could feature Jaime Lannister still being alive.


As The Metro points out – stars of the series have been doing the usual paying their respects to Lena Headey, praising her performance as she bowed out of the show.

There is a very distinct lack of mushy posts directed towards Nikolaj Coster-Waldau though…

Obviously it’s very much clutching at straws, maybe everyone just liked Lena a lot more – though Nikolaj seems like a pretty sound guy, so where are his tributes?

Even Entertainment Weekly, who usually share the first interview with every fallen actor immediately after their character snuffs it, are yet to release a chat with the Kingslayer.

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