Game Of Thrones Fans Convinced Varys Tried To Poison Daenerys

Blink and you’ll miss it.


It really did go down in the most recent episode of Game of Thrones – setting up a blockbuster ending for this weekend’s final ever instalment.

If you somehow haven’t caught up yet, look away now, this will contain spoilers.

With so much to digest in ‘The Bells’ fans have been going through the episode with a fine comb to try and dissect any hidden moments they possibly can.

Now it seems like a pretty major detail has emerged that many of us probably missed, or just didn’t take in at the time.

Obviously we see Varys finally meet his flame-filled end at the hands of Daenerys – something that we probably all saw coming a while back.

An early moment in the episode could have played a bigger part than we actually realised in sealing the end of Varys though.


We all knew that he had come to the realisation that it shouldn’t be Khaleesi ruling the seven kingdoms – and that he had been formulating a plan to overthrow her.

Did that include making failed attempts to poison her though?

At the beginning of the episode, we see Varys talking to one of his ‘little birds’, a young girl who seems extremely worried about whatever plan she had been burdened with.

The girl talks about how Danny wasn’t eating and how she was concerned that her soldiers had been watching her.

When it’s broken down it sounds a lot like Varys had plans to get rid of Daenerys by poisoning one of her meals. Probably would have been for the best too, all things considered.

The plot thickens if you take a trip all the way back to the first season – when Ned Stark discovered Jon Arryn had been poisoned.

He had a conversation with Grand Maester Pycelle about how poison is ‘a woman’s weapon’.

Pycelle responded by saying: “Yes. Women, cravens and eunuchs.”He then added that Lord Varys was a eunuch. Make of that what you will.

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