Georgia Admits Her Kiss With New Jack Was Filmed More Than Once

And that she made a “little mistake”

So Georgia and Sam made the decision to refuse to couple up with any other islanders and head home together, who loves a happy ending eh?

Once an audience favourite on the show, Georgia’s popularity took a hit when she planted one on new Jack, despite him being with Laura at the time. Loyal.

Her kiss with new Jack became the talk of the villa, the mystery of who kissed who plaguing the minds of islanders and viewers alike.

Then of course came the conspiracy theorists, claiming that the kiss had been filmed more than once, armed with a series of screenshots to back it up.

Source: ITV / Facebook


Source: ITV / Facebook

Well, turns out they were right after all.

In an interview with the Metro, Georgia opened up about *that* kiss, stating that whilst nothing about the situation was staged, it was filmed more than once.

“At the end of the day. It’s a television programme. If anybody is real in that villa it’s me, and I am very honest with who I am.

It is a TV programme. Things have to get filmed at different angles and that’s how television works but nothing is fake. Nothing is staged.”

And whilst she defended her actions in the villa, insisting that the smooch was mutual, after watching it back now the ex-islander admits that she may have been the one in the wrong after all. Kind of.

“When I went on the date with Jack I felt like the conversation was very flirtatious,

And when I watched it [the kiss] back I was very, very shocked. That’s not how I remembered it at all.

At the end of the day, things happen for a reason I made a little a mistake,

I’m only human and yes, I kissed him but I feel like it takes two people two tango and it does take two people to kiss.”



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