Ginger People Are Genetically Superior According To Science

Ed Sheeran’s popularity finally makes sense…

Since the dawn of time, ginger hair has been the punchline in cruel high school jokes. However, those days are over.

Ginger people make up only 2% of the population, so it’s no secret they are a genuine rarity. However, in Erin La Rosa’s new work ‘The Big Redhead Book: Inside The Secret Society Of Red Hair’ she explores just how unique gingers are.

Higher pain threshold 

Research shows thanks to the MCR1 gene mutation, the one that gives hair its colour, means redheaded women have a 25% higher pain tolerance.


Less need for Vitamin D

Whilst us mortals need to soak up as much sun as we can on the rare occasion it appears, redheads produce more Vitty D in that short space of time.


Weather sensitive

In 2005, The University of Louisville found that MCR1 gene makes them more sensitive to the hot and cold.


More popular in ads

In 2014, there was a study that found gingers were featured prominently in 30% of prime time commercials. Whilst CBS featured a redhead ever 106 seconds.

Feeling pretty silly for taking the piss now aren’t you?


To finish, there’s never been a better time to break out this classic…


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