Girl Found Dismembered In Garbage Bags After Going On Tinder Date

Two people have been charged with first degree murder.

Source: Faney County Sheriff’s Office
After arranging the encounter on the popular dating app, Tinder, Sydney Loofe never returned to her family home on the evening of the date. 

The 24-year-old had been telling her friends in work how excited she was for her date with Bailey Boswell, also discussing the meeting on Snapchat.

Concerns were raised when Loofe didn’t return home that night and didn’t show up to work the next day. Her mother reported her as missing to Lincoln police.

At the time her co-worker Terra Gehring told local news that she immediately knew something wasn’t right.

“She wouldn’t do this to her family,” Gehring told Omaha’s KETV.

“She respects her parents a lot, loves her parents a lot. … It’s also very strange that her phone’s off, disabled. She was always on Snapchat, posting stories.”

Police got their first lead when an apartment landlord reported a strong odour of bleach coming from the basement which belonged to Boswell and her boyfriend, Aubrey Trail.

Police executed a search warrant on Nov 16, however they determined someone must have been washing the walls.

On Dec 4 police discovered Loofe’s body, it had been dismembered and hid inside several garbage bags along a gravel road in southeastern Nebraska.

Trail admitted to strangling Loofe with an extension cord, he said that Boswell had helped clean up according to the criminal complaint.

In multiple interviews following the discovery, Trail insisted that he did not intend to kill Loofe, and that she was at his apartment to take part in a sexual fantasy.

“It wasn’t supposed to go to the extreme it went, of course not,” Trail told the World-Herald.

“It wasn’t meant that she was to die.”

On Monday, Trail and Boswell were charged with first-degree murder and abandoning of human skeletal remains.

The pair appeared in front of a judge on Tuesday, where they were denied bail. They face the death penalty should they be convicted.

Trail said he would welcome the death penalty:

“A life for a life — that’s the rules in my world,”

“I should be put to death.”

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