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Glitter Pizza Is Now A Thing Because Of Course It Is

No thanks.

Wherever you look these days, there’s glitter. I feel like it was never really that much of a deal until very recently, but now it’s on our bodies, in our drinks and even in our food. One particular restaurant has gone one step further and desecrated the thing that most of us hold dear – pizza.

Yes, glitter pizza is now and thing. More specifically, unicorn glitter pizza. Stop the world, I want to get off – amirite? Early 2007s-clichés aside, this does LOOK nice, but it doesn’t look EDIBLE.

See if you get what I mean…

Credit: Instagram

The restaurant behind this abomination is Dagwoods in Santa Monica. The pizza is called the MagicalAF pizza and… well that’s about it.

Credit: Instagram

They wrote on their website: “We are often credited with having the best pizza in Los Angeles as we are committed tousing nothing but the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Our extensive menu includes pizza, pasta, salads, subs, and wings – not to mention plenty of gluten-free and vegan options.”

Credit: Instagram

I assume glitter is vegan. Who knows anymore?!


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