Good Morning Britain Viewers ‘Forced To Rewind Richard Madeley Blunder’

“Smell my cheese you mother”

Madeley Partridge

Former This Morning presenter Richard Madeley has been left a little red-faced after a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain. Standing in for the marmite Piers Morgan, Madeley has been accused of going full Alan Partridge.

Discussing student drinking habits alongside Kate Garraway, Madeley explained how Goldsmiths University has banned all beef as it tries to become carbon neutral by 2025.

Garraway highlighted statistics that one in six students are teetotal and how others spend more time in the library than the student’s union during fresher’s week.

Refusing to believe Garraway, Madeley grumbled: “I don’t believe that. I just don’t believe it. My kids were students. Okay it was a bit of a while ago.”

He went on to suggest: “I think it’s because everybody, students and the rest of us, lie about how much they drink.

“Apparently if you tell the GP how much you drink he immediately…or she… doubles it by two.”

The internet soon exploded with puzzled fans questioning Madeley’s maths. “Doubles it by two” is a new one for me!

Viewers right remember when Judy Finnigan had a blunder of her own with THAT wardrobe malfunction. When Richard and Judy appeared at the 2000 National TV Awards, Finnigan’s top burst open to reveal her bra.

Like mother, like daughter, Chloe Madeley suffered a similar fate at 2009’s Galaxy British Book Awards. With her parents hosting, Madeley leaned too far forward in a baggy dress and gave the press and eyeful.

Richard Madeley is proving to be great value in Morgan’s absence. As well as accusations of not knowing what Brexit means, the 63-year-old offered to send GMB interviewees a memento of their time on the show.

People were left reaching for the facepalm emoji when Madeley offered to send a card to a 61-year-old who gave birth to her own granddaughter after acting as a surrogate for her gay son. Posting on Twitter, one wrote, “Richard now on Moonpig searching for ‘Congrats on your Gran being your Mum’ card #gmb.”

It almost enough to ask for Morgan to stay away for a bit longer just so we can get more Partridge-inspired Madeleyisms.

[Featured Image: ITV/BBC]

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