Graduate Sues University Over Her “Mickey Mouse” Degree

She actually graduated with a first…

A former student is taking Anglia Ruskin university to court after she claimed her degree hasn’t helped her job prospects.

Despite graduating with a first, Pok Wong labeled her International Business Strategy course a “Mickey Mouse” degree.

Ms Wong is suing the university for more than £60,000. Claiming that the university’s promises of “quality education and prospect of employment after graduation” were fraudulent.

The graduate said she had moved to the university’s Lord Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge from Hong Kong after being won over by the prospectus.

She also claims that she was ‘falsely imprisoned’ in a room after trying to speak out about the quality of her course during her graduation ceremony.

Ms Wong has said she hopes the case encourages students to demand value for money. Something which is extremely timely considering the government’s current review into tuition fees.

A spokesman for Anglia Ruskin University said they would “robustly” defend the legal action.

It wasn’t too long ago a graduate lost his compensation claim after blaming poor quality teaching on his final grade.


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