These Are The 10 Best TV Shows Ever According To The Public

The people have spoken.


We live in the golden age of television. Never has there been so many high-quality shows so easily accessible to us.

There’s Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and that old thing called a T.V. to watch your favourite shows on.

As such, everyone has their own favourite show, but is it actually the best? There’s only one way to find out: IMBD ratings. There’s of course the classics we all expect but a few may surprise you. 

So here is the definitive top 10 TV shows ever made (no debates allowed).

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

This 110-episode space opera is a classic in anime. Based off a series of sci-fi novels, it tells the story of a 150-year-long stalemate between the Galactic Empire and the Free Planet Alliance. This series is massive, and took nearly 10 years to animate the back catalogue of episodes. It’s also old – with the anime starting in 1988. But if you can see past the dated animations and enjoy the slow burner type of show, you’ll love this.


Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Another anime. ‘Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ tells the tale of the Elric brothers, seeking to return their bodies to normal. Edward, the oldest, lost his arm and his leg, while his younger brother Alphonse, lost his whole body and is now confided to living in a suit of armour. They lost it when they attempted to revive their mother through human transmutation – a forbidden act in alchemy.

In this fictional universe, alchemy is one of the most advance scientific practises. Those that can master alchemy, can create nearly anything they want. Though to do this, they must give something of equal value. This is called the Law of Equivalent Exchange. The anime has an array of great characters, an amazing animation for the action scenes and a really satisfying ending. There’s a reason some think this is the greatest anime series of all time.


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Earth. Water. Fire. And Air. These classic elements play a large role in this American animated show. Civilisation is divided into four nations named after those four elements. Additionally, some people of each nation can telekinetically manipulate their element. These people are known as benders (firebenders, waterbenders, earthbenders and airbenders).

Then there is the Avatar. This person can bend all four elements and is tasked to keep harmony amongst the four nations. The current Avatar is Aang, a 12-year-old boy, who goes on an adventure to stop Fire lord Sozin – the leader of the fire nation, from taking over the world.

Reminder that this is the animated show, and not the awful live action film (don’t watch that).


The Sopranos

Around 11 years since the final episode, ‘The Sopranos’ is still considered by some, to be the greatest TV show ever.

Following the difficulties of Tony Soprano, a mob boss, who struggles to balance his family life and his criminal activities. The show was ground-breaking in its time, dealing with difficult subject and being applauded for its characters, script and cinematography.



Oh Benedict Cumberbatch, how my heart beats for you. This British show made Cumberbatch a household name.

‘Sherlock’, shockingly, is about Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective. What’s unique about this take on the famous English detective is that it takes place in today’s setting, as opposed to the 1800’s like others. With Cumberbatch, is Martin Freeman, as the ever-reliable Dr Watson, it’s the chemistry and development between the two leads that make this a special show. This, in addition to the clever writing and adaption of the novels crimes into the present day make ‘Sherlock’ a must for any crime lovers.


The Wire

Another classic from the early 2000’s. Strangely, ‘The Wire’ wasn’t necessarily deemed to be that successful during its run. It won no Emmys and often struggled to get enough viewers. However, something that was always positive about the show was its reviews. It was lauded by critics, some even calling it superior to the more popular ‘The Sopranos’. ‘The Wire’ revolved around the city of Baltimore, depicting issues such as drug trade through the eyes of the streets and law enforcement.


Rick and Morty

The highest animated show on this list, and thus the best (according to IMBD ratings). ‘Rick and Morty’ is pretty crazy. In case you live under a rock, it’s about a mad scientist grandpa called Rick, the smartest man alive (I assume) that goes on crazy sci-fi adventures with his dim grandson, Morty. The visuals are great, the stories hilarious and so original that you’ll be wondering how creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon came up with these ideas in the first place (my money is on drugs).


Band of Brothers

Perhaps not as well-known as the other shows on this list, but still in the top 3! ‘Band of Brothers’ is a war mini-series based on a non-fiction novel of the same name. The story is about Easy Company of the U.S. Army 101st Airborne Division. It shows their journey from training in the U.S. to their involvement in major actions in Europe during World War 2.


Breaking Bad

The story of Walter White, former chemistry high-school teacher turned to meth making king really is a masterpiece. With the help of his former student Jesse Pinkman, they navigate the dangers of making and selling meth, by facing up against drug lords and hiding from the FDA.

Over the course of 5 seasons, creator Vince Gilligan managed to create a flawed but compelling protagonist in Walter White, with an adventure that is always moving forward towards a definitive ending.


Game of Thrones

Shock and horror. That can describe both my reaction to the events that happen in the show, but also to Game of Thrones being top of this list. But seriously, it was always going to be high on the list. Costing around $10 million per episode, Game of Thrones is a big deal. It made spoilers on the internet famous. Made video reactions to certain scenes (*cough* red wedding *cough*) a must.

But it’s the complex characters, that you’ll want to kill one week, then root for the in the next, that makes this show special. That, and the dragons, giants, battles, magic and….sex, that makes it compulsory viewing.

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