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The 5 Hardest Degrees According To Their Grade Averages

If you study any of these, we’re sorry


Everyone at some point will likely feel their own degree is the hardest out there.

Which is completely valid, there’s no such thing as an easy degree and each comes with its own difficulties.

That being said, when you take a look at things from a strictly statistical view, we can take a look at which degrees are mathematically the toughest.

These rankings are based on the grade point averages of different college degree majors in the States.

5. Social Science

Average GPA: 3.3

People often misinterpret what Social Sciences actually are. It covers what are known as ‘soft sciences’, so things like psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, and political science.


4. Mechanical Engineering

Average GPA: 3.3

Having to master a combination of complex subjects including physics, design, engineering and manufacturing means it’s no real surprise.


3. Civil Engineering

Average GPA: 3.3

The advanced chemistry, physics, calculus, statistics, geology, and biology make it a pretty daunting task to take on.


2. Computer Science

Average GPA: 3.2

To some this might be a surprise but having to master advanced technical abilities in mathematics, engineering, programming etc.. means it makes a bit more sense.


1. Biology 

Average GPA: 3.2

Probably comes as no surprise, anything that includes neuroscience within the studies is never going to be a walk in the park really.


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