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Here Are This Year’s Most Popular Halloween Costumes

No prizes for number one.

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With halloween only around the corner, you’re probably frantically trying to throw some kind of last minute costume together after swearing you wouldn’t be going out this year. 

For many people, the spooky holiday offers the chance to get genuinely creative, pulling out all the stops. For others (me) it’s a cheap T shirt with a few holes in it and some fake blood. “Look at me, I’m a zombie”.

If you’re going for something more original this year, perhaps you’ll want to steer well away from anything that appears on the following list.

Using data collected by Google Frightgeist, you can now see the most popular Halloween costumes on both a national and local scale.

Epic Games

It’s barely a surprise that Fortnite-inspired costumes snatch the top spot, as the game continues to take over the daily lives of anyone who dares play it.

Spider-Man comes in at second, again barely surprising considering the character’s renewed popularity thanks to the lovely Tom Holland taking the role to new heights.

Black Panther is the only other Marvel character to appear in the top 25. Whilst Batman, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn are all fighting the corner for DC Comics.

Below are the 25 most popular Halloween costumes in the US for 2018:

  1. Fortnite
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Unicorn
  4. Dinosaur
  5. Witch
  6. Harley Quinn
  7. Superhero
  8. Pirate
  9. Rabbit
  10. Princess
  11. Clown
  12. Wonder Woman
  13. Mouse
  14. The Incredibles
  15. Mermaid
  16. Zombie
  17. Monster
  18. Ninja
  19. Doll
  20. Batman
  21. 1980s
  22. Bear
  23. Black Panther
  24. Vampire
  25. Pumpkin

“With Frightgeist, we went on a hunt to find the most popular Halloween costumes of 2018. Pulling from the top 500 costume searches in the United States, Frightgeist used Google Trends to tell people what costumes were trending around them and help them find a costume that was sure to turn heads.”

Not feeling the Halloween spirit yet? Maybe Netflix’s latest horror series could get you in the mood. The Haunting of Hill House has reportedly been scaring people into passing out, which does sound a tad excessive if anything. Still, each to their own I guess.

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