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Here’s How To Take 10 Days Off While Only Using Four Days Holiday

Preparation is key.


We’re hitting that point in the year where the bank holidays come thick and fast – and if you’re clever about it you can make your time off work last even longer.

If you’re running low on holidays for the year, April is the perfect time to stretch out the days you do have left.

Here’s how…

Book off the four days before Good Friday, which falls on April 19.

That means your time off will actually begin Saturday April 13 – and you won’t have to go back to work until Tuesday, 23rd April.

If 10 days isn’t quite enough and you’ve got a few extra days to use up, there is a way you can get 18 days off by using just nine days of annual leave.

This requires booking all nine days in between Easter Monday and May Day.

If you book off from the April 23 until the May 3, you’ll also get the 19th to the 22nd April, and the 4th to the 6th May. Not too shabby.


If this is all cutting it a little too fine, you can also use May bank holidays to get nine days off for four again, between the 4th until the 12th May.

Finally August bank holiday offers similar value – again getting nine days off for the price of four between August 24 and September 1.

Did someone say beer garden?

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