Here’s The First Clip From Sacha Baron Cohen’s Secret Trump TV Show

This could get interesting.

Last week we found out that Sacha Baron Cohen has been working on a new project and that it almost definitely involved Donald Trump.

Details were pretty scarce on what Cohen actually had in store, all we had was a cryptic Tweet from the comedian and a knowledge that he and Donald Trump weren’t exactly the biggest fans of each other.

Now we’ve got a little more detail on the project, according to Vulture the new show will be called Who is America? And will be a series on US network, Showtime.

The network have been equally as cryptic about the release but have teased that “Something HUGE is coming to Showtime July 15”.

Alright, they literally give nothing away, however Cohen himself has shed a bit more light over on Twitter. Of course it has Dick Cheney signing a ‘waterboarding kit’ at the request of an offscreen Cohen – because why wouldn’t it?

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