Here’s Why Ovie Soko Shouts ‘Message’ Every Time Someone Gets A Text



If you’ve been watching Love Island since the Casa Amor episodes, then you may have realised that Ovie Soko has been shouting ‘Message!’ after every time someone mentions that they’ve ‘got a text!’

The basketball player has been referencing Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.

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The film is a parody of movies like Boyz N The Hood and South Central featuring the Wayans Brothers, particularly Keenen Wayans who pops up to point out that someone has learnt a lesson.

The way he points out that someone has learnt a lesson is by shouting: “Message”, just like Ovie’s been doing in the villa.

The more you know, ay?

Love Island 2019 will soon be coming to an end, with fans eagerly waiting another year to join the UK’s feistiest singles on a quest to find true love (and win £50k).

But someone has thought ahead of that, and managed to create a soundboard website of some of the best quotes from this series – including a particularly cringey one from Curtis Pritchard where he says “only time will tell, DARLING”.

By clicking on this link, you can send your friends some of the funniest moments from the show encased in a cute little sound clip, including the famous ‘It Is What It Is’, as said by Tommy AND Curtis in two different clips. Now you’ll be able to have a time capsule of 2019’s funniest sayings.


You can call all of your friends a ‘Dead Ting’, and if anyone else ever says ‘I’ve got a text’ in front of you, you can respond with Ovie’s voice saying ‘Message!’ straight after. Basically this sound board is an absolute DREAM.

All you have to do if you want to check out the soundboard, is head on over to this website: www.luvisland.co.uk, and click the right side of the quote to share it amongst your friends.

So get sharing it around to your Love Island WhatsApp group, because after all – it is what it is!

[Featured Image Credit: LuvIsland/ITV2]

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