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Hershey’s And Reese’s Whipped Cream Might Be Coming Soon



Summer’s here, and it’s incredible. Most of the time, you really can’t be bothered cooking, and why would you? It’s too hot to be using any kind of flames, unless it’s a BBQ.

For a lot of us, the go-to snack will be ice-cream. There’s just so many different variations, aren’t there? Why not try a Kinder Bueno one. Or Flake. Or even mayo. Hey, it’s summer. Treat yo’self.

Another great thing about ice-cream is the toppings. But normal whipped cream is so boring. However, it looks like there MIGHT be a Hershey’s and Reese’s Whipped Cream coming soon.

I say ‘might’, because only one bloke seems to have heard of it.

Markie Devo wrote on Instagram: “I heard the snack internet world needed saving, so I have come to the rescue👊🏼.. The wonderful world of whipits is about to be turned upside down!! Hershey’s is releasing a milk chocolate and Reese’s whipped cream the 3rd week of July and will be available at all major retailers. These have sexy time written all over them😍.. Who is ready for these??”

“Sexy time written all over them”? If these are real, you can bet your bottom dollar that I won’t be wasting a drop on anything other than ice-cream, thank you very much.

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