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Hey Students, You Can Get Free Chicken From Nando’s TODAY

This is AMAZING!

It’s Results Day, which many of you will have been dreading for a long time. Luckily for us, Nando’s has been an absolute lad and is offering free chicken to anyone who gets their results today.

Now we can’t stress enough, that whatever results you get, it is far from the be-all-end-all. Still though, Nando’s offering free chicken to anyone collecting those envelopes is a very welcome move.

What better way to drown your sorrows?

The offer is available at any Nando’s restaurant across the UK. All you have to do is take along a copy of your results on the day that you receive them.

That means the offer will be available today for GCSEs.

If you’re not getting your GCSEs today and think maybe it’s a bit unfair, there was previously some free chicken for Scottish Highers (6th August) and A-Level results (15th August). We did warn you a few weeks ago…


Students will be able to grab a free Firestarter or quarter chicken when they bring a copy of their GCSE marks.

So whether you are celebrating or commiserating, who really cares when you have free Nando’s? Maybe you could even treat yourself to a halloumi stick stater or some Peri-Peri fries? You deserve it.

If that’s not enough for your Nando’s fix, there is a full festival dedicated to the restaurant coming to London this Sunday.

Appealing to meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans alike, Nando’s Yard will have more than just PERi-PERi chicken. As well as a whole host of Nando’s favourites on the menu, there will also be cinema screenings and DJ sets.

The official Nando’s Yard description explains: “Of course we’ll be serving up the tastiest Nando’s food, including some extra special new menu options, created exclusively for Nando’s Yard.”

Featured image credit: Nando’s

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