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Highest Earning Jobs That You Don’t Need A Degree For

Plan B perhaps?


Our generation has so often been sold the idea that a university degree is the be-all, end-all for our career prospects.

We’re not saying you should or shouldn’t go to university, some people tout university as the best three years or more of their lives, others see it as a waste of time.

However, the astronomical fees involved in higher education mean people are more sceptical about going to university than ever. And understandably so.

On top of the £9,000 per year fees in the UK, there’s absolutely no guarantee of a job waiting for you at the end. In fact to get anywhere near the dream career, it’ll often take years of internships (often unpaid), frustration and constant wondering of whether it was actually worth it.

Here are a few of the highest paying professions that don’t require years of study to enter into.

Firefighter – Up to £40k

Obviously depending on rank, Managers can earn around £30k whilst Station Managers can rake in upwards of £40k.


Police – Up to £50k

Salaries can start at around £20k, with growth of up to £45k depending on rank. Move into Inspector territory and you could be taking home £50k.


Train and Tram Drivers – Up to £50k

One that will surprise many. Newly qualified drivers can earn an impressive £25k whilst experienced drivers can get up to £50k.


Training Managers – £37k+

The national salary for training managers sits at a hefty £37k however you could earn more depending on the company.


Project Managers – £40+

A pretty open-ended role, project manager’s can cover planning, budgeting, overseeing, documenting and everything in between. The average salary is £40k depending on location.


Air Traffic Controller – Up to £50k

Admittedly this one does require three years training, experienced controllers can earn up to £50k.


Construction Manager – 50k+

Requiring a mixture of office and site work – Construction Managers can earn upwards of £50k.


Hazardous-Waste Manager – £36+

Perhaps not the most appealing sounding job, involved ridding of hazardous products from places like factories and hospitals. The potential to earn £36+ though makes it a tad better.


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