Hollyoaks Stars Open Up About Their Mental Health

As part of the #DontFilterFeelings campaign.

mental health
Mental Health Awareness week is upon us, a time where we should be asking real questions about mental health and what we are doing to help those who suffer.

As a society we have moved in the right direction in recent years, with the subject becoming much less of a taboo and more people than ever feeling like they can open up about their struggles.

However, there are still so many who don’t feel that is an option. People who will suffer in silence.

As part of their ongoing #DontFilterFeelings campaign, the cast and crew of Hollyoaks have been opening up about their own struggles with mental health, hoping to inspire others into doing the same.

Tackling the issue trough Snapchat, the film shows both stars and crew opening up about their own battles as they remove the filter that covers them, encouraging others to open up themselves.

It’s estimated that one in four people in the UK will experience mental health problems every year. Whilst 75% of young people with a mental health condition are not being treated.

Suicide is also the leading cause of death amongst young men and women aged 20-34 in the UK. The number of young suicides is at its highest point in ten years.

Despite the alarming increases in these kinds of statistics, only 6% of UK health research goes into mental health.

you or someone you know are suffering you can find support at:


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