How Blade Can Bring The X-Men Into The MCU

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It’s all change in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kevin Feige unveils his ambitious plans for Phase 4 and beyond. With the recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox by the House of Mouse, fans are on tenterhooks for any news on when the likes of the X-Men could join the world’s highest-grossing franchise.

Elsewhere, Blade will be taking a ‘bite’ out of the MCU as True Detective‘s Mahershala Ali swishes his cape as the day-walking vampire hunter. While it might be hard to imagine the two worlds colliding, there are plenty of theories on how the brooding Dhampir can bring Charles Xavier’s gifted youngsters into our lives.

Dracula is tipped to be the big bad of Phase 5’s Blade reboot, which seems like a logical route to take. It’s important to note Drac’s various interactions with both Blade and the X-Men over the years. The Hollywood Reporter points toward several options for how vampires and X-Men could clash.

For the first option, let’s take a dive back into the archives of Marvel Comics and 2011’s controversial Curse of the Mutants storyline. Featuring the X-Men tracking down the son of Dracula known as Xarus, Curse of the Mutants saw fan-favourite Jubilee turned into a blood-sucking villain herself.

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The most memorable panel saw a vampiric terrorist blowing himself up and covering a number of innocent bystanders (including Jubilee) in his poisoned blood. Cue the sparky mutant’s evolution into a bitey blaggard.

As the X-Men tried to resurrect a deceased Dracula and defeat his son, Blade came along for the ride. Using Dracula and killing him off in the MCU’s Blade movie could neatly tie into Curse of the Mutants. However, using a hated comic book arc would be a pretty tenuous link to introduce the X-Men.

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Let’s also remember how the X-Men have tackled Dracula on several occasions. In 1982’s Uncanny X-Men #159 where big bad Vlad tried to take Storm as his own bride. It kick-started a long-running relationship between the king of the vamps and Marvel comics. Drac even turned to the side of good and joined the Defenders.

In the world of the X-Men, you might’ve heard of the sewer’dwelling mutants called Morlocks — they recently appeared on The Gifted Season 2. Hiding in the darkness due to their physical mutations, it would be easy to introduce the shadow-lurking mutants as vampires.

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Elsewhere, fans have picked up on Feige’s strange use of the word “mutants” (and not X-Men) at this year’s Comic-Con International. So far, the MCU has dodged around confirmation of mutants and instead called Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver “enhanced”. Mutants like the Morlocks could neatly queue up the debut of the X-Men.

Blade’s origins go all the way back to 1973’s Tomb of Dracula #10, but as with all MCU movies, expect Feige and co. to mix it up a bit when he eventually returns to our screens.

Ultimately, we’re likely to see a breadcrumb trail of mutants and mutant abilities rather than just dumping the X-Men in the middle of an Avengers movie. Either way, Blade would definitely be an interesting way to integrate the X-Men.

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