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Hugsy The Penguin From Friends Is Available To Buy


Since Friends has appeared back on our Netflix screens, many of us have been craving coffee, lobster, and even the ‘Joey Special’ of two pizzas. However, something that’s even more of a must-have item is Joey’s bedtime penguin pal – Hugsy.

He’s so cute that even Rachel and Ross’ daughter, Emma, wanted in on a piece of the action.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Well now we can actually buy our very own, as they’re available online.

According to PRETTY52, AliExpress now has the penguins available to purchase. They’d usually set you back $36.69, but at the moment there’s 16% off so that’s a much nicer price of $30.82.

Credit: Warner Bros.

Look how adorable they are…

Credit: AliExpress

Anyway, one of the biggest questions we have at the end of season 10 has to be – did Ross and Rachel stay together?

Their storyline was one of the most gripping parts of the whole series. They were on-again-off-again, got married, had a kid (but still weren’t together), but then right at the end… she got off the plane.

If you haven’t watched Friends then you’ll have absolutely no idea what I’m on about, but it was the perfect end to the perfect sitcom.

Credit: Warner Bros

However, it left us all wondering what happened after it all got wrapped up so very nicely. Did they stay together? Did they divorce (again)? Well, sadly we’re not going to have the reunion episode that we’ll all be dreaming of since it ended. Those trailers you’ve seen for a Friends movie is just clips from all the different shows the cast have been in since. It’s fake and phoney. Sorry to tell you.

Anyway, producer David Krane recently appeared on TheWrap’s Emmy Series comedy showrunners panel, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star Rachel Bloom, asked whether or not Ross and Rachel are still going strong 14 years on.

She said: “In your opinion, Ross and Rachel, how are they doing? Are they still together? Is that sustainable?”. Crane replied: “Yes. Come on, they worked really hard, ten years.”

Don’t worry if you’re also concerned for the welfare of Monica and Chandler Bing.

Credit: Warner Bros

When asked whether the Bings were also still going strong, Crane responded: “Absolutely.”

Well I don’t know about you, but that’s made my day a whole lot better. Long live the lobsters.

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