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Iceland Is Selling A Festive Christmas Dinner Pie For One Person

The pie’s the limit

Christmas Pie

Iceland is proving it’s the ‘upper crust’ of supermarkets with a Christmas dinner pie. Sorry Fray Bentos, there’s a new kid in town when it comes to perfect pies.

Coming to a freezer aisle near you on November 18, Iceland’s Christmas dinner pie costs just £2.50 and is packed with everything you’d expect to find on your plate on December 25.

Packed with the obligatory turkey, there’s also a pig in blanket, cranberries, bacon, onion, peas, carrot, stuffing, gravy, and some controversial sprouts. Chances are this is the kind of thing you’ll absolutely love or want to throw in the bin.

Personally, I’m not sure what to make of it. That being said, 10/10 would give it a go. While no one should spend Christmas day alone, the Iceland pie is the perfect portion for one person.

Iceland Christmas menu

Given that it’s coming next month, you can probably get a few in before the big day. Also, if you can’t be arsed to cook, why not present your family with a whole table of these instead of the hassle of making a proper roast?

I can already imagine Santa squeezing down your chimney to chow down on one of these. In other festive news, Marks & Spencer is rolling out vegan pigs in blanket for Christmas 2019.

Yes, for all of you who have chosen a plant-based diet, Christmas will no longer be avoiding people’s gaze as they chomp down on pigs in blankets. Because you’ll be too busy eating your own.

Look how gorgeous they are…


In fact, M&S is launching a fully vegan Christmas dinner. They said: “M&S is this year launching its first full vegan Christmas dinner with a mouth-watering plant protein centrepiece, vegetables, roast potatoes, gravy, stuffing and even no pigs in duvets (plant protein pigs in blankets).”

“Having listened to the feedback of over 80,000 customers, M&S has created the ULTIMATE range designed to help you and your families enjoy Christmas by taking out some of the most angst-inducing elements of Christmas entertaining.”

Christmas is shaping up to look pretty fab this year. So, stick on your sweatpants and say goodbye to your toes. December can’t come soon enough!

[Featured Image: New Line Cinema/Iceland]

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