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If You Can Hear This Noise – You’re Probably Under 30

Test it out…

Back in 2005/2006, a trend started where schoolchildren would download a sound onto their phones, and then start playing it in class. Obviously, the teacher would hear this and tell them off, right?

Well… no. The noise could only be heard by people who were (as a rule) under 30. So while everyone in the class had their hands over their ears, complaining about a high-pitched sound, the teacher would have no idea what was going on.

It was absolutely genius, to be quite honest. The perfect crime.

Now, it’s gone viral again after a self-professed ‘cougar’ explained that she couldn’t hear the sound, but her younger boyfriend could.

Try it yourself…

She wrote on Facebook: “I need your help! 😳 Okay so I nabbed me a younger man, I said it….I am slightly OLDER than Chris #cougar 🐆❤ BUT I am NOT 40 yet y’all however, I heard on the radio that some businesses and even towns are using a sound wave as a deterrent for teens after curfew, INTERESTING right?! So I looked into it and found a series of sounds that become harder to hear as you *ahem* age. This one in particular cannot be heard by most people over the age of 40,

“I CANNOT FLIPPING HEAR THIS!!! But, Chris Helmer can 🤨 I called all our kids in and they were covering their ears!!! So, I got to know below, help me feel better (or worse) Tell me, are you OVER or UNDER 40 and CAN YOU HEAR THIS SOUND?!?!?”

She claims that those over 40 can’t hear it, but judging by the comments, 30 seems to be the cutoff point.

However, there are of course always exceptions to the rule. In our office, there’s some people in their early twenties who can’t hear it. So, can you?

Let us know in the comments!

Featured image credit: YouTube

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