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IKEA Has Launched A Livestream To Help You Sleep

I’m willing to try anything at this point.

Pexels / IKEA

Struggling to get your shuteye is without-a-doubt one of the most frustrating things in this world.

We all have our own little tips and tricks to nod off, though when they don’t work we’re left with nothing but rage.

Now IKEA is stepping in to hopefully offer a helping hand.

If all else is failing, the Scandinavian chain has created a 14-day-long livestream on YouTube to celebrate its Festival of Sleep.

The 12-day campaign is designed to help Australians sleep better, though the sentiment can be applied to just about everyone.

The livestream is a spin-off of the Ikea Sleep Podcast, a series of narrated furniture catalogs. Dubbed Ikea Slow TV, the livestream “follows” a cargo ship’s two week journey from Asia to Australia as Kent and Sara Ericsson, the two hosts, reel off the company’s new 2020 catalog. 

The video’s description reads:

“Welcome to IKEA Slow TV. Relax and unwind to the 14 day, or 336-hour real-time representation of the journey new IKEA products take to Australia – from sea to shore, then truck to shop floor. With the sound of waves gently crashing against the ship’s stern, our Swedish co-workers, Kent and Sara, narrate the nautical journey, reading from the brand-new IKEA Catalogue 2020. “

“Making the most of your sleeping hours is vital for helping you make the most of your waking hours,” Kent Ericsson says in the livestream, as waves gently crash in the background. “It’s time to bring sleep back from the sidelines, and see what slumber has in store for you.” 

Why not give it a whirl?

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