Instagram Is Building A Team To Stop People Feeling Bad On The Platform

Their latest effort to protect users.

The negative effects of social media on our health is a subject that’s received much more coverage in recent years.

In a survey by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) they investigated the effects of social media on young people’s health. 1,500 people aged between 14-24 were featured in the report which found Instagram had the most negative effect on their health.

The platform was heavily associated with anxiety and depression. As well as bullying and negative body image.

Facing up to the issue

It appears that Instagram are taking the concerns very seriously. The Facebook-owned are introducing their own ‘wellbeing team’.

“[The team’s] entire focus is focusing on the wellbeing of the community,” said Chen, who heads up fashion partnerships at Instagram, in response to a question about its parent company, Facebook, and its effects on mental health. “Making the community a safer place, a place where people feel good, is a huge priority for Instagram,” Chen added, “I would say one of the top priorities.” via Quartzy. 

You can even apply to join the wellbeing team yourself.

Early efforts

Instagram had already began rolling out a range of features to make it a safer place for users. From content moderation tools that allow users to hide comments and set up personalised filters. To allowing users to raise awareness of someone they may be concerned about on the platform, allowing a team to contact them and offer help.


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