ITV Decides Fate Of Love Island Following Controversy

They’ve made a decision.


Since The Jeremy Kyle Show was axed following the death of a guest, many people have been asking if Love Island is also going to be cancelled following the suicides of two former contestants.

Sophie Gradon and Mike Thelassitis both took their own lives after appearing on the reality dating show.

However, ITV has now released a statement confirming that Love Island will air this summer.

A spokesperson for ITV told i: “Love Island the series will return this summer. In March we outlined in detail the extensive duty of care processes now in place for contributors, past and present.”

However, not everyone is happy with this outcome. Former Love Island contestant, Zara Holland, wrote on Twitter: “Everyone’s thoughts of Jeremy Kyle getting axed? Shouldn’t love island too then? Let’s not forget the world we live in today, social media is awful. The society we live in today has so much pressure on people of all ages, with or without fame.”

She added: “The show brought me depression, anxiety and the worst parts of my life, which includes trolls on a daily basis. I’m just a normal girl that works hard in my job like everyone else. The only thing I wouldn’t have is a huge social media following.”

In a previous statement, ITV said: “Our duty of care is a continuous and ongoing process for each Islander. This follows three key stages; pre-filming, filming, and aftercare.

“We work with both an independent GP and a psychological consultant to provide an assessment of the physical and mental health of each of the shortlisted cast members and their suitability for inclusion on the programme.

“The medical team also contacts each Islander’s GP to check they feel that person is able to take part. We ask for full disclosure from potential cast members to these health professionals so that so that we can support them appropriately. As TV producers, we rely on medical experts to assess both mental and physical health to ensure that each candidate is suitable for inclusion.”

It also added: “We will be delivering bespoke training to all future Islanders to include social media and financial management. The key focus will be for us to no longer be reliant on the islanders asking us for support but for us to proactively check in with them on a regular basis.

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