10 Examples Of James Blunt Being The Funniest Man On Twitter

The man, the myth, the legend.

James Hillier Blount or just James Blunt to you and I. Songwriter, ex-army officer and all round funny character.

It’s easy to forget how successful Blunt actually was. His 2004 debut album ‘Back to Bedlam’ featured Modern day classics like You’re Beautiful and Goodbye My Lover and actually sold 11 million copies worldwide.

He won several awards too. Not rubbish ones either, actual good awards. Best British Male at the Brit Awards and two Ivor Novellos.

His online presence has somewhat overtaken those achievements though. His no-holds-barred Twitter comebacks combined with the ability to generally take the piss out of himself have won over just about everyone.

Here’s 10 times he showed us why he’s undoubtedly the funniest man on Twitter

Obviously referencing that modern day classic we previously mentioned…


This deserves a round of applause


self-deprecation at its finest…


We love honesty


How all albums should be announced…




Even Ed Sheeran is a fan…


This one’s kind of creepy…




Aaaaand we’re done


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