John C. Reilly Has Some Good News About The Step Brothers Reunion



Ask anyone in their 20s about their favourite comedies of all time and odds are Step Brothers is going to make its way into the conversation.

It’s a given then, that the idea of a sequel to the movie would be a frequent talking point. Though there’s never really been any substance to those discussions.

That could be about to change though.

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At the moment, Reilly is promoting his latest movie – Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph follow-up Ralph Breaks The Internet. Although, that isn’t stopping people asking the question: Is there going to be a Step Brothers 2?!

He appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday, and when he was asked about the chance of a sequel, he said: “Yeah, [it’s] possible,

“It requires the cooperation of a few other people, but I would love to do another one of those.”

It may not sound like much, however we need to remember that last time Reilly was asked this exact same question, he said that it wasn’t happening. So even this slight change in attitude has seriously upped the hopes for fans.

Reilly has been in over 80 movies but amazingly Wreck-it Ralph is the first sequel he’s ever done. Could Step Brothers be the next in line for the funny man?


Reilly also discussed the recording process of his upcoming movie, saying he likes to have fun in the booth and prefers to do his recording sessions alongside his co-star so they can improvise.

“I figured if we’re going to work with someone that’s as fun and creative as Sarah Silverman like why not have them in the room with you,” Reilly said on “GMA.”

“A lot of times actors going for animated movies are just alone playing someone’s best friend but never lay eyes on them and I thought we ought to be in the room together so we can find stuff and improvise.”

He added that the banter between them gives the movie an “extra soulful quality.”

All that’s left now? It’s the f*cking Catalina Wine Mixer.

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