Meet The Two Lads Who Used Their Student Loan To Launch Their Own Beer

What did you waste your loan on?

If you’re like me you blew pretty sizeable chunks of your student loan on unproductive, unnecessary and generally regrettable rubbish.

Turns out not everyone was so foolish, some actually took their money and pumped it into a project they were passionate about, that could actually see them make something of themselves.

Who knew such a thing was possible?

After stumbling across a local peach beer (Demi Peche) at a ski bar in the alps, Tom and Jesse were left frustrated when they couldn’t find anything similar back home.

Unhappy at the situation they used the remainder of their student loans to brew 5000 bottles of Demi-Peche inspired beer, agreeing that if they sold them all at Glastonbury they’d both quit their jobs.

Before everything though, they needed a name. That was easy, ‘The ski trip song’ – known to the rest of us as Klingande’s Jubel.

This one…

Things quickly took off after that, with more than 300 pubs stocking the beer across Cornwall.

Now the pair are hoping to take their business to the next level, introducing cans and bringing the beer to draught as well as some ‘big marketing ideas’.

You can give the lads a helping hand by voting for them in Virgin’s ongoing VOOM initiative, in which businesses can pitch their ideas to Richard Branson.


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