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Kanye West Had The Most Kanye Birthday Party You Could Imagine


Imagine, for just one second, that you are Kanye West.

How does it feel? Glorious, right? Well, then imagine that you’re having a 41st birthday party – what’s the theme? Yourself of course. You couldn’t write this stuff. Kanye literally had his face on everything from the drinks to the cookies served. To be fair to him, it was actually his second birthday party to celebrate his new album, Ye, going to number one in 41 countries. Plus, it was apparently his wife, Kim Kardashian, who organised it. So we’ll let him off.

They uploaded pictures to their social media accounts, and we’re not quite sure if this is genius or awful…

Credit: Snapchat
Credit: Snapchat
Credit: Snapchat
Credit: Snapchat
Credit: Snapchat
Credit: Snapchat

Yup, he officially out-Kanyed himself.

Kanye West has faced a whirlwind few months to say the least, the slavery comments, the Trump support and the bizarre song releases have all added to his label as one of the most unpredictable men in music.

Recently, the musician dropped his eighth studio album Ye, garnering a relatively mixed response, much like everything he does.

However away from the music, it’s the album’s artwork that has captured the imagination of so many people across the internet.

GOOD Music

For a Kanye record, it’s relatively understated, maybe even a little underwhelming?

However, when the rapper shared an album cover generator which allowed fans to alter the artwork with their own text, it was only ever going to end one way, wasn’t it?

Obviously people were never going to take their messages all that seriously, leading to a new trend in Kanye-inspired memes.

Perhaps this was his plan all along? No publicity is bad publicity and all that, right?

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