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KitKat Releases Three Delicious New Flavours And They’re Only £1

These sound SO good!

Chocolate enthusiasts, you can now officially get your hands on coconut, double chocolate and cappuccino flavoured KitKats from B&M, and they’re retailing for £1 for a pack.

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Spotted in the UK by Instagram account Kev’sSnackReviews, the influencer revealed that all three flavours were in the UK store, and they even gave an update on what they thought of the taste.

Kev’sSnackReviews wrote: “So these new imported Kitkat bars are available from B&M (they only seem to be in larger stores currenty) and there’s also a Double Choc variety. I didn’t buy that as it sounded a bit dull but in hindsight I wish I had! They’re £1 a bar and consist of Kitkat wafer with a marbled coating.

Delicious Coconut: this one is coated with milk chocolate and white chocolate with coconut and almond flavour. The smell and taste is of strong artificial coconut, it’s not awful but not great either, luckily the white chocolate can still be tasted and mixed with the milk chocolate it creates a nice contrast between the two. I just wish the coconut tasted more natural.

Caramel Cappuccino: this is coated with milk chocolate and white chocolate with caramel and cappuccino flavour. Opening the wrapper I was met with a super strong coffee aroma that reminded me of the old coffee creams from Quality Street.

There’s some caramel flavour and there’s creaminess from the white chocolate, but the coffee flavour is very overpowering and doesn’t taste quite right to me. If you liked the old retro coffee creams you’ll probably enjoy this.

Overall, these look pretty cool and the marbled chocolate effect is fantastic, but I wasn’t a big fan of the flavours. I’ll still probably try the Double Choc variety as I’m hoping I’ll prefer it!

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go and pick me up all three from B&M just so I can try them – especially the coconut!

[Featured Image Credit: KitKat]

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