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Lace Shorts For Men Are This Year’s Unlikely Summer Trend

If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Hologram City

Fashion is wonderful because it is completely subjective, one person’s nightmare is another person’s dream.

After all, it would be boring if we all looked and dressed the same, our fashion choices are a way to express ourselves in as bold or subtle a way as we choose.

Lace garments have long-been a staple part of many female wardrobes, now the fellas can rock the look too.

Hologram City has unveiled the new range and you certainly wouldn’t have to worry about getting too hot down there.

The ‘Lace Me Up’ shorts come in a variety of colours and are certainly veer into the more adventurous fashion choices out there.

Hologram City
Hologram City

If you’re feeling the look, a pair of the shorts will set you back $42.00 (£33.11) – though the lace look doesn’t have to stop with the bottom half.

The brand also offer matching shirts, which also retail at $42.00, so you can complete the very on-trend co-ord look that seems to be everywhere at the minute.

Hologram City

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