Last Chance U Is The Best Show On Netflix Right Now And You Need To See It

It’ll make you feel emotions you never knew you had.


Over the years Netflix has introduced us to an endless list of incredible series’, documentaries, movies and everything in between.

From Bojack Horseman tackling mental health in a completely unique way to Making a Murderer sparking a true crime phenomenon, our next binge watch has never been too far away.

However one show on the platform that I recently stumbled across, one that seems to have gone under the radar slightly, is Last Chance U.

The documentary-style series follows the stories of a group of young athletes, many of them from disadvantaged backgrounds, facing what could very well be their final chance at building a professional career for themselves.

Last Chance U is no regular sports documentary though, as it places prominent focus on the personalities that are both playing and coaching these teams.


From a strongly religious coach in Buddy Stevens who struggles to control his temper, to a number of super-talented American Football players who have made questionable choices, it’s definitely the individual stories that make the show so watchable.

With each episode clocking in around the hour mark, it makes for massively intense and emotionally-driven viewing. From heartbreaking backstories to moments of sheer ecstasy, the mood can switch in an instant and believe me, you’ll feel every moment of it as if you’re part of it.

Even without a shred of Football knowledge, it’s dangerously easy to get lost in each series. There’s plenty going on off the field to make sure of that.

The role of Academic advisor Brittany Wagner, is a prime example of that. Burdened with the seemingly impossible task of ensuring each player graduates, her relationships with the athletes makes for both hilarious and gut-wrenching conversations that quite literally can make or break the futures of these young men.

Calling the show a redemption story would be too simplistic, as a lot of the time, it’s not the case. Instead it’s real life, sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to and that’s what this is all about.

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