Liam Gallagher Is ‘Set For A Peaky Blinders Role’

Urm… what?!

Liam Gallagher has excited fans by potentially hinting that he could be appearing in popular BBC drama, Peaky Blinders.

Turns out, the former Oasis singer has actually been getting quite close to the team behind the gritty series, and when a fan asked him what he was up to that day, he replied: “Thought you’d never ask yeah I’m off to meet a man about a part in Peaky Blinders. Why me, why not. See ya.”

Hopefully it won’t be like Ed Sheeran’s cameo in Game of Thrones. You all remember that, right? If not, check out down below. Diabolical.

He’s not the only celeb that’s been spotted poking their nose around the BBC series, as David Beckham was also reportedly spotted on set for the most recent season’s filming. However, that ended up basically becoming a non-story because he was just making clothing inspired by the 1920s and went there for some inspiration.

There’s no denying that Steven Knight has delivered his promise of giving Peaky Blinders one of its most shocking seasons.

The blood and bullets have been flying as Tommy Shelby settles into his life as a politician, but it seems old mob habits die hard.

This season’s big bads (aside from Linda Shelby) are the ominous Billy Boys. Lurking in the shadows and having already tackled Aberama Gold, Peaky Blinders is building toward a grim confrontation between the series regulars and their Scottish adversaries, well, that’s if Tommy Shelby gets that far.

Eagle-eyed fans think they’ve picked up on Tommy’s deteriorating health. Cillian Murphy is once again on top form as the blunt-fringed lead, however, has anyone else noticed the onset of a nasty cough?

While we all know the dangers of smoking, people in 1929 weren’t quite as up on their health. It might be poignant to see Tommy meet his maker at the end of a gun barrel, but there’s no denying the punch of seeing him killed off by something like smoking.

Obviously, axing Tommy Shelby would be a twist for the ages and undoubtedly cement Peaky Blinders as the new Game of Thrones. Personally, I just don’t see it happening. As one concerned fan wrote, “Can’t kill off Tommy Shelby yet with this cough. He’s been through a world war, the mafia, and he’s currently taking on facism and the Billy Boys! We need him around to sort out Brexit!”

If this was the last season — which it definitely isn’t — then maybe Tommy would kick the bucket. That being said, Knight could be queuing him up for a dramatic demise further down the line.

Peaky Blinders is one of the Beeb’s most popular exports and find itself in a new prime slot after being moved from BBC Two to BBC One. It’s entirely probable that Tommy Shelby won’t be making it to the final credits in one piece, but bet your bottom dollar there’s plenty more to come from the gangster turned MP.

[Featured Image: BBC/ Instagram Liam Gallagher]

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