Liam Payne Accused Of ‘Dating Girlfriend Maya Henry When She Was Underage’

Is age really just a number?

Liam Payne

Liam Payne could be moving in the ‘wrong direction as the pop sensation is accused of dating Maya Henry when she was underage. Known as part of supergroup One Direction, Payne has branched out to have a career of his own.

While Payne seems pretty happy with Henry, he snapped back at one fan’s claims that he started dating her when she was underage. Payne is now 26 and has been dating the 19-year-old for a year. Doing some questionable maths, one fan is convinced Henry is just 18 and maintains that she’s still a senior in high school.

The ‘fan’ shared a screenshot from an online biography for Henry that lists her age as 18. This was also posted alongside an article maintaining she’s 19 and a picture of her and Payne together.

Taking internet sleuthings to a whole new level of conspiracy theories, they wrote, “Every article about Liam’s girlfriend says she’s 19 when she’s actually 18.

“This is intentional because when fabricating this ridiculous PR campaign for her they said that they’ve been together for a year, which would mean that Liam was dating a 17 y/o. She’s a senior in HS.”

With the scandalous accusations grabbing the attention of Payne, the “Strip That Down” singer snapped back. Posting on Twitter, Payne responded: “19 don’t believe everything you read on the internet”.

There’s been plenty of confusion, mainly stemming from Henry’s father throwing her a huge $6 million Quinceañera party in 2016. The celebration is usually held for girls turning 15, which would make her 18 now.

Plenty of people jumped to Payne’s defence. One wrote, “Excuse me but you really don’t have to explain s**t to anyone. Its your life hun.” Another said, “Soz but it’s literally 7 year age gap? What’s bad about that? As long as he’s happy? Lmao get out.”

However, others continued to question their difference in age — no matter what it is. One critic said, “This grown ass man really thinks a one year difference is a good defense”, while another sniped, “Bruh how is that any better. You’re literally 26 years old”.

Others simply said Payne should spend less time on the internet and more time caring for his two-year-old son he shares with Cheryl Tweedy. Liam and Maya have been the talk of Tinseltown since they went public with their relationship in September.

Whatever anyone thinks about the age difference, Liam and Maya seem pretty happy as a couple.

[Featured Image: Maya James Instagram/Liam Payne Instagram]

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