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London’s Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Is Here To Challenge YO! Sushi

It sounds so ‘Gouda’

Cheese Belt

I ‘Camembert’ it — a cheese conveyor belt has officially come to London and our hearts are melting. As we head into the festive season and look to plan your Christmas party, why not gorge on Gorgonzola, chomp on Cheddar, and wolf down Wensleydale?

While YO! Sushi is largely credited with the boom of belt eating in the UK, revolving restaurant eating has branched out a little since the first branch opened in 1997. Giving raw fish a run for its money, a cheese conveyor is undoubtedly the future of food — well, unless you’re lactose intolerant.

Featuring 25 different cheeses, Pick & Cheese is a 40-metre belt that seats just 38 cheese connoisseurs. Having just opened in the KERB Seven Dials market, Pick & Cheese is the brainchild of Matthew Carver.

Safe to say, Matthew has plenty of Edam experience. Having worked on the 2014 Cheese Truck and Camden’s Cheese Bar in 2017, what he doesn’t know about cheese isn’t worth knowing. He’s come a long way from feeding hungry festival fans with his acclaimed grilled cheese sandwiches.

Posting a video of the belt in action, hungry Halloumi-lovers were soon drooling in the comments section. One fan wrote, “This looks like heaven”, while another mused, “Sweet Cheesus”. Someone rightly said, “Can’t wait to visit and get dizzy with cheese! 🤤🧀”.

Speaking to iNews, Carver explained why he came up with the concept and why now. He told the site: “At the Cheese Bar, customers see cheeses on the board and often want to pick and choose their own. There’s always been demand for more options.

“So this is a natural progression. We want to let people pick what they want, and give them the chance to try as many different varieties as possible.”

Each cheese is paired with a different condiment, meaning the Yorkshire Pecorino is paired with lemon meringue, Coolea with hazelnut brittle, the Clothbound Cheddar with tomato relish, and the Ricotta with sherry-infused cherries. Carver says there are also wine pairings for those who fancy a tipple with their Taleggio.

Pick & Cheese claims the crown as the “world’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant”, which is a pretty impressive title to own. Prices start from just £2.95, with the most expensive one only clocking in at £5.25. Just like YO! Sushi, plates are colour-coded according to price.

One thing’s for sure, this an idea that definitely doesn’t stink!

[Featured Image: Apple/The Cheese Bar London Instagram]

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