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Lotus Launches Biscoff & Go In The UK And We’ll Take 10 Please

This one really takes the ‘biscuit’

Biscoff Lotus

It just isn’t a cup of coffee with a Biscoff biscuit on the side. Even if you don’t drink coffee, chances are you’ve nabbed a speculoos biscuit off your parent’s saucer before they’ve noticed and basked in that caramelised creation.

Now, you can get mini tubs of Lotus’ Biscoff spread (complete with dunking biscuits) to satisfy your cravings on the go. Public service announcement….portable…Biscoff. That’s enough internet, shut up and take my money!

Biscoff & Go

According to Convenience Store, Biscoff & Go is available (RRP £1) to curb your cravings. Frances Booth, category marketing manager for Lotus Bakeries, said: “It all began with a little red biscuit and now we have become a three category brand with the launch of Biscoff & Go rooting us firmly in the food-to-go market and driving sales in a new direction.

“We are delighted to introduce Biscoff & Go in the UK, so that our customers can enjoy the taste of Lotus Biscoff anytime, anywhere and in a handy dunk and go format. Biscoff & Go is the perfect snack and another way in which retailers can benefit from the nation’s continued obsession with the unique caramelised flavour of Lotus Biscoff.”

Anyone who’s had Dairylea Dunkers or Dairylea Jumbo Tubes (which are arguably superior), you’ll know how the Biscoff & Go format works. Start stocking your snack cupboard.


Elsewhere, squirty Biscoff topping in a bottle is a sweet treat to smother on anything. How much longer until someone makes a Biscoff pizza? I’m looking at you Lotus.

I regularly have Biscoff spread for breakfast and have even been known to slather it on crumpets in the office. Before you start rolling your eyes, seriously, try it!

Only last month, Lotus confirmed five (yes five) flavours of Biscoff ice cream are coming to the US. Making mouths water with classic Biscoff, chocolate brownie, salted caramel, Belgian chocolate chip, and blueberry cheesecake, there’s something for everyone.

Image result for biscoff ice cream range

Michelle Singer, Lotus Bakeries US general manager, said: “Biscoff is exploding in the US and we can’t be more excited to bring the beloved Biscoff taste to ice cream.”

UK Lotus lovers are in luck though. We’ve been able to soothe our overheated tastebuds with Biscoff ice cream since February. As the Biscoff range grows, Lotus is proving that you can go a long way with a Dutch biscuit that’s was originally made for the festive season.

[Featured Image: Lotus]

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