Love Island Could Be Airing Two Seasons A Year With An LGBTQ edition

Reality television fans rejoice.

As fans eagerly await the 2018 return of the immensely popular British reality show, the show’s producers have teased some big plans.

For all its popularity, an underlying complaint many had with Love Island has been its lack of LGBTQ inclusion.

Previously, ITV addressed claims about the show welcoming gay contestants, and exclusively told OK! Online that “everyone is welcome to apply”.

However, despite having had bisexual contestants in the past, the setup of the show hasn’t exactly offered a format that would fully embrace LGBTQ participants.

That looks set to change though.

Producer Richard Cowles revealed the potential at the BAFTAs on Sunday:

“We’ve had bisexual people in the show before.

“It’s a dating show and what makes that quite difficult is you need everyone to fancy everyone, so it’s quite hard to get people who are gay and heterosexual in the same place, because simply enough, they don’t fancy each other.”

 “I think we’d have to have a dedicated show for that. We’re open to everything. We’d always try to include everyone. Absolutely, we’d consider two series a year.”

What more could we want? Two series a year? No long waits in between seasons? Isn’t that the dream?

Cowles also touched on the potential for any surprises in the upcoming series;

“We’ve always got things up our sleeves, but the show is written as it goes along.”

“So everyone is reacting to what’s happening on and then the format is being written as it happens… whatever we have planned, [they] get ripped up pretty much every hour as the cast goes in.”

Love Island returns to ITV2 in June.

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