‘Mac Finds His Pride’ Is One Of The Greatest Moments In Modern Television

An unexpected masterpiece.

It's always sunny

When anyone talks about It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the last phrase that probably comes to mind is ‘woke.’

However the final episode of season 13 changed how we look at the show forever, offering a show-stopping and completely unexpected final scene that halted even the sternest viewers in their tracks.

Over the years we’ve seen the series play it pretty close to the line, in fact some would say it often oversteps – at one point or another, the show has played out a sequence that’s offensive to just about everyone on the planet.


The build-up to Mac dealing with his sexuality has always been one of the risqué elements of the show – given the nature of it they could quite easily have gotten it so wrong.

Instead they played a stroke of genius, creating one of, if not the best moments in modern television – a piece of groundbreaking creativity that not a single fan could have seen coming.

The top comment on the video below probably sums it up better than anyone else i’ve seen trying to do so themselves could.

“Can’t believe this is the show that showed a naked Danny Devito coming out of a sofa” – there’s something pretty poetic about that sentiment.

It wasn’t just Mac’s (and ballerina Kylie Shea’s) performance that was so monumental. A bloodied Frank finally muttering to himself “I get it” seemed just as much of a breakthrough moment from a character who had seem so set on “not getting it” before the scene.

Generations older than the rest of the gang, Frank was the worst of a bad bunch when it came to cultural awareness, so to see him moved by the whole thing adds another dimension to the significance of the episode.

The previous 13 seasons of bigotry, racism, anti-semitism and homophobia act as the perfect set up for a jaw-dropping finale of cinematic quality and the end result is nothing short of staggering.


Something Rob McElhenney utters earlier in the episode offered the perfect hint at what was to come too, only because it was Mac none of us would ever have known because it turns into complete gibberish.

“There’s this storm inside of me, and it’s been raging my whole life, and I’m down on my knees and I’m looking for answers, and then God comes down to me, and it’s a very hot chick, and she pulls me up and we start dancing.”

Rob previously spoke to Vulture about the inspiration for the dance after his character ‘came out’ the season before. “We got a really overwhelming emotional response from the LGBTQ community last year,” McElhenney said.

“I took it seriously and I felt it would be completely unexpected to have this much more emotionally resonant end to the season. You would expect that Mac would express himself through the art of contemporary dance and it go horribly wrong, until you realize that’s not the direction we’re taking.”

I think you’d be hard-pressed in finding any person, fan of the show or not, that would disagree with how they managed to pull it off.

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