Man Stabbed By Friend In Haunted House Following Freak Accident

Way scarier than expected.


One man’s visit to a haunted house took a dark turn, after he was stabbed by his own friend during the experience.

The incident took place at Nashville Nightmare in Madison, Tennessee, where James Yochim, 29, was visiting with a group of friends.

Only he got a much bigger scare than he could ever have expected, after he and his friends were approached by a costumed character in the haunted house.

According to a police report, the masked man offered Yochim’s friend a knife, after asking her if Yochim was “f*cking around with her.”

Playing along, his friend told the character that yes, Yochim was bothering her. To which the character replied “well here, stab him”, handing her the blade that she assumed was a prop.

“So she stabs at me with it, and everything got really black,” Yochim said.

Yochim was rushed to the Tristar Skyline hospital in Madison, where, he got nine stitches to his arm, the Tennessean reported.

In a statement, representatives from Nashville Nightmare said that an employee had been placed on leave following the incident. 4

“We have robust safety and security protocols in place, including metal detectors and onsite medical and security staffs,” Nashville Nightmare said. “We are going over all of our safety protocols with all of our staff again, as the safety and security of all of our patrons is always our main concern. We have not been contacted by the police, but we will cooperate fully with any official investigation.”

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