Marvel Are Planning Their First Muslim American Superhero

A move that’s been met with huge positivity.

Miss Marvel, AKA Kamala Khan is scheduled to appear after next year’s Captain Marvel movie.

Marvel president Kevin Feige confirmed Marvel “has plans” for the character. Stating that she will become a ‘prominent figure’ in the Marvel cinematic universe.

In an interview with BBC, Feige told fans that  “Ms. Marvel… is definitely sort of in the works.”

“Another character in the comic books, the Muslim hero who is inspired by Captain Marvel”.

“We have plans for that once we’ve introduced Captain Marvel to the world,”

In the comic books, Ms Marvel’s alter-ego is Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey.

Who could play Miss Marvel?

Whilst no kind of plans have been announced, many are speculating that Priyanka Chopra would be perfect for the role. Chopra already voices the character in the mobile game, Marvel: Avengers Academy.

However that suggestion has been criticised by many others who believe the role should go to a Pakistani-American rather than an Indian.


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