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McDonald’s Is Adding Three New McChicken Flavours To Its Menu

Inject it into my veins.

McDonald’s Canada / Pexels

For all of the selling points of McDonald’s there has always been one department the fast-food chain has fell behind in.

Spicy food is something that Maccies has always lacked. Sure there’s been the occasional special with a little bit of kick but nothing to really shout about.

Well that’s all about to change as not one but THREE new menu additions look set to add some extreme spice to the restaurant.

McDonald’s Canada

McDonald’s Canada has made the welcome decision to add three different levels of spicy McChicken sandwich, starting with the Jalapeño edition, stepping up to the habanero version and finally culminating with the ghost pepper McChicken.

McDonald’s Canada

The Jalapeño version joined the menu at the end of January, the habanero flavour joined on February 12 and the ghost pepper joins today (February 26).

McDonald’s Canada

All three sandwiches will be available until March 11, but as of right now, there are no plans to bring the spicy sandwiches to the States or the UK. Which is VERY annoying.


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