Meet The Guy Who Did His Dissertation On Memes

JP bagged himself a first with his dissertation “The meme-ing of life” 

Has anyone ever scrutinised memes to this level? We doubt it.

The wonder of memes is their ability to be digested within seconds. To most they’re a quick escape from otherwise mundane social feeds.

Not to JP though. For him they’re so much more, serving a far deeper purpose than most people realise.

His genuinely fascinating work looks largely into the sociological effects of memes and the way different people interact with them.

He hopes that his bold choice of subject inspires others to go into their studies with the same attitude.

“Hopefully it has inspired a lot of people to go out there and be bold with their studies. One of the aims of the project was to show all these essays and academia, it’s not just about Shakespeare and Chaucer.”

This is certainly the first dissertation we’ve come across that we wanted to read anyway.


Have you heard about the students doing their degree on memes? 

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