Mike And Phoebe’s Relationship In Friends Almost Never Happened

Hard to imagine now.


Out of all the impressive guest appearances that graced Friends over the years, Paul Rudd is undoubtedly the highlight.

That was nearly never the case though, after Paul Rudd revealed he was only originally signed up for two episodes.

Thanks to his on-screen chemistry with Lisa Kudrow he actually ended up appearing in 18 instalments.

“I have really fond memories but doing that many episodes? That was news to me,’ Paul told the Metro.

“It was never the original idea. I only ever signed on for two episodes but they kept writing more and had more ideas for that character, so it was certainly exciting – but it was a strange phenomenon to work with this very well established and highly regarded group of people known all over the world.”

Rudd’s character Mike was introduced to the story when Joey agreed to double date with Phoebe – only Joey obviously forgot to bring anyone.

We later find out that Mike only agreed to the last minute get-together after being promised a free dinner, which he obviously never got.


Meanwhile a recently unearthed script from the show revealed an alternative final episode.

We all know the scene, the “did she get off the plane?” voicemail, that left fans with hearts in mouths the first time of watching.

In the discovered script, instead of begging Rachel not to jet off to Paris for work, Ross was actually going to move their with her.

In ‘The One Where Estelle Dies’ Rachel reveals to Ross that she has to move her life to Paris, only she doesn’t go through with it in the end, much to Ross’ delight.

The axed script had originally been titled ‘The One Where Jetlag Wins’ and begins with the pair spending time in Paris to consider Rachel’s move.

Rachel isn’t keen on the idea of moving so Ross suggests they go out and explore the city to put her mind at ease.

Only the pair end up falling asleep for three hours thanks to jet lag and their plans are ruined.

Following the disappointment, they try and order room service – only to find the kitchen has closed.

Ross then ventures to the kitchen, steals a bottle of wine, pate, cherries soaked in liqueur, baguettes, olives, tuna, artichokes and a wheel of cheese.

After they both share a moment, Ross pitches the idea of moving to Paris with Rachel.

“Why not?” Ross says. “I’ll take a sabbatical for a year. They just gave me tenure. I can do whatever I want.”

After returning to New York to break the news, Ross’s boss throws a spanner in the works by telling him he has to stay in New York.

Ross urges Rachel to go regardless: “You have to go,” he tells her. “This is an amazing opportunity. You’re strong enough to do it on your own. You can’t not go because of me.”

Then, well, we all know what happens next.

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