Morbius Trailer Reveals Marvel Cinematic Universe Plot Hole

What a miSTAKE to make!

Morbius Holland

The first trailer for Daniel Espinosa’s Morbius attempts to quench our bloodlust as we see Jared Leto in action as the titular living vamprie. However, has the Spider-Man spin-off just created a Multiverse-sized Morbius plot hole hiding in plain sight?

As Morbius gets the action underway, we see Leto’s sickly Michael Morbius battling a rare blood disease. Seeking help in the occult, the movie’s biggest scene has Morbius attacked by a horde of vampire bats in a shadowy location.


Effectively becoming his own bat-man (pardon the pun), Morbius develops powers like flight, echolocation, and super strength. All of these would be fine, if not for his ravenous hunger for human blood.

There was plenty to take in during the first Morbius trailer. Alongside brief glimpses of other stars Jared Smith and Matt Smith, there are also TWO big connections to our wall-crawling hero.

The trailer rounds off with the return of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, aka Vulture, from Spider-Man: Homecoming. Seen wearing the prison outfit he was locked up in, it looks like Toomes has just broken out from behind bars.


The other big Spidey nod is a poster featuring Spider-Man and the word “murderer” sprayed across it. At first glance, this seemingly ties into the closing scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home when Peter Parker is exposed/framed for the murder of Mysterio. However, a closer look shows this isn’t the case.

Importantly, the Spider-Man poster appears to include Web-Head from the Sam Raimi years. That’s right, we finally get a nod to Tobey Maguire’s acclaimed time in the suit.


Before you start shouting from the rooftop that Maguire will be back as an aged Peter Parker, let’s look at the plot hole. With Keaton reprising his role, it confirms the likes of Venom and Morbius (as we thought) are technically part of the MCU with Tom Holland’s Peter as this universe’s Spider-Man. That means it’s impossible for Maguire’s Peter Parker to exist.

Putting our tinfoil hats on, there could be a way around this. MCU fans already know the Multiverse is coming — and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio teased this in Far From Home. It could be that the Multiverse is in full swing and the “murderer” Spider-Man is Maguire’s version after the death of James Franco’s Harry Osborn in Spider-Man 3.

Image result for maguire spider-man

Another option muses this isn’t a Morbius plot hole and is simply a mistake. Although it seems to be the Maguire era suit, the poster could be an asset taken from Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man where the Raimi suit was a wearable option. Elsewhere, it might be a blunder that will be removed in post-production. Don’t get too excited that we’ll see Maguire suiting up just yet.

Still, there’s been plenty of talk about Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland starring together in a live-action Spider-Verse movie. At least the MCU connection has fans a little more interested in Morbius after Venom‘s mixed bag of a reception. Is Morbius already ‘flying without wings’? Find out when the villainous vamp swoops onto our screens on July 31.

[Featured Image: Disney/Sony]

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