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A £7 Morrisons Steak Has Been Voted Best In The World

Cost doesn’t always mean quality.

When we think of steaks we probably think luxury, high-priced, glamour food that quickly burns a whole in our wallet.

The last thing we think of is everyday supermarket chain Morrisons and their humble £7 Shorthorn Rib-eye offering.

Well it seems it’s time to shift our perceptions on what we consider to be the finest steak around as Morrisons have emerged an unlikely victor in the world’s best steak.

The World Steak challenge rates the quality of beef from competitors around the globe and it was Mozzas that came out on top of their rankings with their Rib-eye which prices up at around £7.56 for a 280g cut.

Jodie Bolland, beef buyer at Morrisons, said:

“We’ve always believed in backing British beef and so we are delighted to see Beef Shorthorn up there with the best in the world.”

It didn’t stop there for the supermarket either, they also picked up two silver and two bronze medals for their Fillet and Sirloin Shorthorn.

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