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Morrisons’ White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Looks Like Bueno

Ready, ‘spready’, go

Hazelnut Spread

We’re going ‘nuts’ for Morrisons’ new White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread that basically recreates the joy of a Kinder Bueno…on toast!

It doesn’t take a genius to work out this is Morrisons’ own take on a certain favourite spread that rhymes with “tutnella”. While chocolate-nut spreads have been all the rage for years, so I’m amazed it’s taken Morrisons this long to bring its own version to shelves.

If you don’t want to shell out (another nut pun) on more expensive alternatives, FoodReviewUK’s Instagram confirms White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is now available in the UK supermarket.

The caption explains, “Everyones gonna first think of Kinder Bueno when seeing this. And…it’s not a million miles away in taste”. Costing just £2.50, I’m definitely going to give this one a try.

As well as being the perfect topping for toast, crumpets, cakes — I’d even dip chips in it — the White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is also suitable for vegetarians.

When news of the new product made its way online, famished foodies soon shared their views. One hungry hazelnut hound wrote, “Holy mother of God! I’ll be there in the morning 🤗🤗”, while another said, “Honest to god it’s the best spread I’ve tasted in ages!”

Other comments included, “Well I’m adding this to my next food shop!!” and “Oh yes this looks so good 😍😍”.

News of the White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread also led to the discovery of a Salted Caramel version, also costing £2.50. What did we do to deserve this?!?

If you can’t get enough of moreish spreads, Ferrero’s advent calendar could be for you. While candle, Funko Pop!, and LEGO calendars are all great options for the festive season, diehard Santa supports think the only calendar you should be opening should be a Willy Wonka ode to chocolate. Sticking with (modern) tradition, Ferrero has you sorted.

image 1 of Ferrero Collection Advent Calendar 271G

The Ferrero calendar is now available in Tesco and costs just £12. Stuffed with 25 doors of delicacies, there’s the staple Ferrero Rocher (with hazelnut filling), Ferrero Rondnoir (with a dark chocolate centre), and the controversial Confetteria Raffaello (covered in coconut and containing a whole almond).

All I can say is that all of these look ‘bueno’.

[Featured Image: Morrisons/Apple]

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