Netflix Has Added A New Feature And People Are Very Confused

It’s getting a mixed response.


We can probably all agree that Netflix currently rules the streaming industry, generally being the go-to option for anyone looking for their favourite shows on demand.

That being said, it’s a fiercely competitive market, with the likes of Amazon Prime, Now TV and Hulu all boasting their own set of benefits.

To keep themselves at the top, it’s unsurprising that Netflix is always looking to add new and innovative features to the service.

The latest addition that Netflix seems to be giving a run out, is an instant replay feature.

Some viewers have reported the appearance of a ‘see that scene again’ option that pops up after notable moments in a film or show.

It’s been getting a mixed response online, with some users warming to the idea whilst others are finding the whole thing pretty intrusive.

Others feel like Netflix is taking aim at their own love life…

It’s not all negative feedback though, some viewers are welcoming the feature after their own lapses in concentration…

“We’re trying out a feature which gives Netflix members the ability to rewatch favorite scenes and memorable moments with the click of a button,” a Netflix spokesperson told the Los Angeles Times. “Right now we’re just looking to learn from it and may or may not roll it out more broadly in the future.”

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