Netflix Has Stopped Working All Across The World



Netflix has stopped working worldwide.

“Netflix error: this title is not available to watch instantly,” is the only thing anyone is able to see at this moment in time.

In a statement on Twitter Netflix said: “We are aware of members having trouble streaming on all devices. We are investigating the issue and appreciate your patience.”

More as we get it…

In the mean time, why don’t we think about what we’ll watch when it’s back?

The newest offering from Netflix looks like the perfect blend of twists, turns and just enough mystery to keep even the biggest crime buff glued to their screens.

We’re being treated to an incredible 13 episodes, and taken through the case that shook America step-by-step.

Watch the trailer, I promise you won’t be disappointed…

As a quick overview in 2001 Michael Peterson, an author, rang 911 in hysterics saying that his wife, Kathleen, had fallen down the stairs.

However, police quickly suspected foul play and launched an investigation into her death. He was charged with her murder, and as the case began to be unpicked, more and more information began to surface which made it seem like it wasn’t as simple as he’d made out during his call.

Credit: Netflix

Obviously, he said that she fell down the stairs. However, an autopsy report found that Kathleen suffered a fracture of the thyroid neck cartilage and seven lacerations to the top and back of her head, consistent with blows from a light, yet rigid object.

The victim’s sister mentioned that she had given the couple a custom-made fireplace poker as a present. However, it was missing.

It was then revealed that Peterson was having an affair.

Credit: Netflix

As if that wasn’t enough to get you hooked, it was then found that her death was very similar to Elizabeth Ratliff’s, a friend of the Petersons who died in Germany in 1985. The woman, who was the mother of Michael and Kathleen’s adopted daughters, was found at the foot of stairs with head wounds.

Credit: Netflix

It turned out that Michael was the last person to see Elizabeth alive.

Well, I officially can’t wait to binge-watch the crap out of this series. Netflix, sort it out.

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